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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ombudsman Galore

Six months after then-Diamondback Editor in Chief Jonathan Cribbs declined The Terrapin Times EIC Nathan Burchfiel's offer to serve as the paper's ombudsman, the University of Maryland's daily paper has officially anounced that the position has been filled.

After more than a year without an ombudsman, the Diamondback in today's Back-to-School issue announced that former DBK EIC Scott Goldstein will serve as the self-watchdog.

Goldstein's first column also appeared in today's edition. He pays adequate lip service to students who have criticized the paper for not employing an ombudsman and pledges "to represent you, the reader."

In addition to promising to actually read the e-mails disgruntled readers might send his way, Goldstein announced the formation of a student panel that will meet to offer feedback on the Diamondback.

The Terrapin Times isn't holding its breath for an invitation!


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