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Friday, August 26, 2005

NCAA Update

The National Collegiate Athletic Association on Tuesday made an exception to its brand new "no Indians" rule for school mascots by allowing Florida State University to continuing using the Seminole name and logo without punishment.

Two weeks ago, the NCAA announced a new policy that would punish schools -- 18 in all -- that used "hostile and offensive" imagery of Native Americans.

FSU appealed the ruling, citing the fact that the Seminole tribe of Florida had given its approval to the use of the name, the logo, and the football team's mascot: a student dressed as an Indian and carrying a flaming spear on horseback.

As Inside Higher Ed reports, the NCAA approved FSU's appeal and will not restrict the university from post-season activities (i.e. NCAA-sponsored bowl games, etc.). The appeal does not repeal the rule, however, and the other 17 universities must appeal on their own if they wish to do so.

Florida State University logo:


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