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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Faculty, Staff Attack Steele Over Rove Tie

Two members of the faculty and staff at the University of Maryland have attacked Lt. Gov. Michael Steele for participating in a fundraising event with Republican strategist and Bush advisor Karl Rove on Wednesday.

Government and politics Professor Ron Walters told The [Baltimore] Sun Wednesday that it was a bad idea for Steele to align himself with Rove, who has come under fire from Democrats for his involvement in the "leak" of a CIA operative's identity.

"I don't think he wins anything by being so public with Karl Rove," Walters told The Sun. "And I think it's very likely he could lose some votes from people who could potentially support him."

Staff member Greg Johnson, on his blog "The Staff Disturber," was more outgoing. "Steele thinks Maryland's moderate voters won't notice he takes hard-right money from a traitor," he wrote.

Johnson called Rove a traitor at least twice in his posting, and found him guilty of "revealing the identity of an undercover CIA agent." Apparently Johnson knows something the special prosecutor doesn't know about Rove's involvement, because he hasn't brought any charges against him.

According to Johnson's post, the Lt. Gov. raised abot $75,000 at the event, which means that those "75 fatcats enjoying cocktails and hors d'ouvres in air-conditioned splendor" will receive more attention from Steele than the "35 working people sweating outside in 95-degree heat."

Yes, they probably will, because in this situation, they're the majority. Also, the 35 people ouside sweating are there because they hate Steele (Johnson refers to him as "Little Gov. Steele), so why would he be interested in helping them?

I wonder what makes Johnson think he knows Maryland's moderate voters. He's clearly not one of them, and Rove has demonstrated time and again that he knows how to reach out to moderates and how to show them his candidate is the right one to vote for.

I'm going to have to disagree with Professor Walters. I doubt this fundraiser will hurt Steele very much. He could hold a fundraiser with James Carville and people like Greg Johnson would still protest outside the event.


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