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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Hippies Are Coming

Original Post: 11 July, 2005

Edited on 12 July, 2005 to include explanation of patchouli oil.

Former University of Maryland students will gather at Lupo's Italian Chophouse on Saturday, August 6 to talk about how great they were at being political activists, and perhaps will impart some wisdom on today's socialist warriors.

Activists from the 1960s and 70s have established a Web site,, to reminisce about the good 'ol days, complain about Richard Nixon and organize their summer gathering.

High points of their time at the university: a 1970 sit-in to protest the refusal of tenure to two "popular" professors. More than 80 students were arrested. They remember protesting the invasion of Cambodia by "invading" ROTC offices, blocking Route 1 and holding protests on the Mall that required National Guard intervention.

Expected at the party: revisionist history, slams on Richard Nixon and the usual soundbite complaints of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. "If we were students now, we wouldn't be in Iraq and George Bush wouldn't be the president. Kids these days ... geez."

Hopefully they won't be too upset by the capitalist invasion of their beloved Route 1, as they'll be dining in the midst of four sandwich franchises, two McDonald's owned restaurants (Chipotle and Boston Market), and of course, only a few miles from Comcast Center.

Best quote on the web site: from the poster "beatnic" comes, "I've been trying to remember how it smelled back then. The strongest smell was petchouli [sic] oil, that is if you forget the tear gas! Did anyone use deoderant in those days? IIRC I showered at least a couple of times a week, more when I could." Hippies need to stop complaining about how conservatives mock them for being dirty, especially when the openly admit they smelled bad and only showered a couple of times a week.

Patchouli Oil is an Indian (as in the country, not the Native Americans) herbal oil that is used as a skin care product, an aphrodisiac, a "peace of mind" agent, and a mask for rather unpleasant odors, such as hippie body odor.

According to, patchouli oil is "The scent of the 60's ... However, many people who base their perception of Patchouli on memories of the 60's have never smelled high quality oil. Distinctly herbaceous and musky in aroma, a good Patchouli Oil has a satisfying earthy quality, that is great to"ground"a person. It is a very rich and long-lasting oil."


  • I think that all the conservative students should go protest them and tell them how they ruined the great American culture for our generation.

    Maybe read them all the great stats that their movement helped to foster. I'll name a few:

    1. 43 million (and rising) dead fetuses

    2. A divorce rate that is so high your chances of staying married are slimmer than getting a divorce.

    But, I guess we could thank them for being so crazy that it helped usher in the conservative revolution, as most Americans flocked to politicians such as Ronald Reagan.

    Doesn't matter, I still can't stand the dirty hippies.

    By Blogger Francisco Gonzalez, at 12:47 PM  

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