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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Further explanation

Welcome once again to the new official blog for The Terrapin Times.

Our vision for this blog is for it to subsidize the monthly publication by presenting bits of news (both original and collected from other sources) in a timely fashion, allowing you a special insight into what's going through our crazy brains, and providing a chance for you to offer feedback.

Our starting goal is to update the blog at least two times per week during the semester. Updates will include news bits, commentaries on campus events or special features. Occasionally, posts will be made offering sneak peaks at upcoming print issues and stories as a thank you to loyal readers.

Additionally, after each issue is released on campus, there will be an opportunity for you to post comments on the issue and its contents. Of course you're always able to comment on the posts here or on the paper in general, but these will be posts specifically regarding the print issue.

We would only ask a few things of people wishing to post their comments:

1) Please identify yourself. Give us your name and your affiliation with the university or The Terrapin Times (if you're a student, include your name, year and major).

2) Refrain from name-calling and vulgarity. Be mature. If you're trying to refute something, do so with a logical argument. If you're finding yourself getting angry, take a while to relax before posting something. We will delete posts that violate this rule.

3) Respect peoples' right to have an opinion. Of course that doesn't mean you have to agree with them or respect the opinion. But all people, regardless of how dumb you might think they are, deserve at least a certain amount of respect.

That being said, the blog will become official at the beginning of the Spring 2005 semester. But check back as the winter break winds down for possible sneak peaks at the February issue!


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