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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Leftist Students Converging on DC

Approximately 500 liberal student activists will group in Washington, DC tomorrow (13 June, 2005) as part of the Campus Progress National Student Conference. Among the speakers is former President Bill Clinton.

Campus Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress, is trying to establish itself as the liberal alternative to conservative organizations like the Collegiate Network, Young America's Foundation and the Leadership Institute, which work to further the conservative message on college campuses.

The Terrapin Times is a beneficiary of the Collegiate Network, which provides grants to conservative student publications.

Students at the CPNSC will learn about media management, college journalism, advocacy journalism, and various other liberal ideas at the one-day conference.

Campus Progress currently provides grants to 14 "progressive" student publications. No word yet on when, if ever, it will sponsor a liberal publication at the University of Maryland. The framework exists in the form of the short-lived Entropy publication, which still operates sporadically online. Students involved in Entropy have been made aware of the opportunities offered by Campus Progress, but to our knowledge have made no efforts to revitalize the publication.


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