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Monday, August 29, 2005

Another Top 20 for UMD

The [Baltimore] Sun reports that the University of Maryland has achieved a most unlikely Top 20 ranking: party school.

College Park eeked its way into the Princeton Review's annual list of schools known for their partying habits. Other schools on the list include University of Wisconsin-Madison (#1), University of California - Santa Barbara (#4), Pennsylvania State University (#13) and West Virginia University (#14).

With few bars, tight restriction on Greek life and heavy police control of off-campus parties, some expressed confusion at the ranking. Former SGA president Aaron Kraus told The Sun, "I don't agree with that ranking at all."

Of course the administration is playing down the ranking, which is decided based on student surveys and changes every year -- 7 new schools made the list this year.

"Students should use a variety of sources to determine what is the best school for them," acting communications director Cassandra Robinson told The Sun. "Most importantly is actually visiting the school and getting a sense of the climate when they're on campus."

In other words: "Parents, don't pay attention to that. Visit the school and see how overbearing we are on parties."

We're just waiting for the lightpost banners announcing the ranking.


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