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Monday, September 26, 2005

Transfers Banking on New Scholarship $$$ ...

In an effort to become more of a tool of Chevy Chase Bank, the university announced Friday that it has accepted a $2 million donation from the financial institution.

The money will be used to "create an endowment providing scholarships for business students and supporting internships for student leaders," according to a university release.

The donation continues to solidify the relationship between the university and Chevy Chase, which holds numerous ATM cash dispensers on campus and sponsors several athletic-department programs, including the popular $100 giveaway during home games.

But seriously, the increasing corporate sponsorship of universities raises some interesting ethical questions that will undoubtedly be argued in the coming weeks. Expect certain campus activists to complain about the corporatization of the university, just as they did when DOTS suggested selling Metro-bus style ad space on Shuttle-UM buses.

But is any way for the university to pull in funding a bad way?


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