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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sheehan Bails on Chapel Appearance

After a brief speech at the Memorial Chapel last night, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan left the venue before being confronted with questions from students and others in attendance.

Sheehan visited the campus to participate in the Democracy Collaborative's discussion on the costs of the Iraq War. She was accompanied by professor Shibley Telhami, who spoke on the consequences of the war on international relations, and Senate candidate Kevin Zeese, who delivered a campaign speech before taking audience questions.

Immediately following her comments on the war, Sheehan left the stage area. Moderator Gar Alperovitz, a university professor, informed the audience that Sheehan would return to answer question, but later announced that she would not be returning due to health issues.

The news of Sheehan's decision to not return encouraged the majority of the audience to leave while the remaining students participated in the scheduled question and answer session with Telhami and Zeese.

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  • I feel bad for Cindy Sheehan in one respect, she lost her son. I feel a loss for her and for our country, as her son was a fine young patriot and as we all know by now, a dedicated soldier. My hats are off to his memory and the cause he so dearly believed in.

    My thoughts are with his family, that they can deal with this tragic situation - a tragedy as far as the loss of a son, and the bewilderment of a deluded mother.

    She sounds like a typical Leftist. She likes to mouth off and try to get other people (namely the President) to answer her questions... but never wants to face any directed at her.

    Nuts are common. Intelligence and rational thought are not. Hopefully the so-called "Democracy Forum" at UMD wises up itself.

    By Blogger Francisco Gonzalez, at 1:40 AM  

  • Just so you know -- and stop assuming nonsencial things -- Cindy went to the back of the stage and was vomiting. A bad reaction to some Indian food she ate before the appearance. She did not leave to avoid questions. She has taken many questions from events held throughout the country. So, stop your cheap shots.


    By Blogger Kevin Zeese, at 11:23 AM  

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